Ventutelli imbiancature

Painting interior and exterior

Painting of exterior and interior walls

Venturelli painting covers any requirement: from the traditional painting of interior walls, to the colouring of the façades of churches and historic buildings. Venturelli has mastered various techniques with versatility which it employs in its work, in addition to the traditional, always ensuring the best decorative results.

Venturelli painting guarantees the use of advanced materials and techniques, in particular with regard to the environment through the use of high quality natural materials.

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Sponging and infilling

to give the walls a feeling of movement and three-dimensionality, creating a certain impact.


obtained by various tools such as paint brushes, pasting brushes and cloths. For a unique and highly decorative play of transparencies and shadows.


to give the rooms a vintage look. Used for interiors, it is particularly suitable for the decoration of historic and prestigious buildings.

Venetian stucco, Spatolato and Marmorino

Venetian stucco, Spatolato (technique used in applying very fine stucco paste) and Marmorino (plaster created with marble dust): for a great decorative impact..