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Resin floors

Resin coating for floors

Resin floors for interiors and exteriors have a wide variety of applications. They can be extremely functional and resistant, to be used for warehouses, industrial structures, shopping centres. In short, environments envisaged to experience large scale use.
On the other hand, the extreme versatility of the material has made resin floors a decorative element, increasingly used by architects and interior designers to "decorate with colour".

The technique
Venturelli installs resin floors of all colours (transparent and opaque, with blended or neutral shades, with decorative motifs) and for any use: residential, shops, showrooms, offices, gyms, theatres, warehouses, restaurants , shopping centres, industrial areas etc.

The advantages
Resin is a strong and durable material, resistant to mould and bacterial pathogens, easy to clean.

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