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Plasterboard walls

Plasterboard production and applications

The applications are numerous, given that creating plasterboard walls is the ideal solution for the division of space without heavy masonry work.
It is often used precisely for this reason by architects and designer for projects that are sometimes bold and imaginative or, quite simply, to create a play of light and space.

The technique
Panels made from lightweight material are bolted to a metal structure. The use of a special double-sided adhesive tape eliminates the need to put holes in the floor. We can create various types of wall, with materials of different thicknesses and different compositions, following the project design. We pay close attention to the technical details and find the best solution for every need: for example in the case of a humid environment, or one subjected to temperature rises, we choose the right mix to be inserted and we use a finer panel that allows a certain degree of bend.

The advantages
Plasterboard allows functional solutions, but also allows the use of imagination to create walls, curved elements, shelves of any shape, hoods, veils with recessed spotlights, columns, half-columns, walk-in closets or even the beautiful customised libraries. It is lightweight and easily removable and its installation is fast and not irreversible.

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