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Thermal insulation

We produce thermal insulation with natural materials

Thermal insulation is a genuine "heat shield" technique. In fact it is able to reduce the dispersion of heat, but it also protects the interior from excessive heat. Thermal insulation is therefore designed for comfort, but also to reduce fuel consumption and to be environmentally friendly.

The materials
We produce thermal insulation with natural materials (wood fibre panels, hemp, cotton, cork, perlite, mineral foam panels, cellulose, sheep wool) and synthetic insulating materials (glass wool, rock wool, expanded or extruded polystyrene and many more). In every situation we evaluate the most suitable material to ensure the best insulation

The advantages
Thermal insulation provided by Venturelli Whitewashing ensure the following advantages:

  • reduction of heat loss;
  • comfortable climate in interior spaces;
  • reduction of heating costs;
  • reduction of thermal bridges;
  • absence of structural defects;
  • absence of moisture and mould;
  • extension of the building life.

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