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Stucco decorations

Painting and artistic decorations, indoors and outdoors

The art of stucco decorations is an ancient art. There is evidence of this in Roman times, when villas, palaces and spas were decorated with marble dust.
Today stucco decoration has various applications and is available in different forms.

Venturelli painting guarantees consultancy support to achieve the best decorations for interiors and exteriors of homes, public places, shops, professional offices, beauty farms, wellness centres, for which the use of non-toxic glazes is crucial without detracting from the final result.

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Painting stucco decorations

Stucco wall painting decoration, both on interior and exterior walls, often gives character to buildings in historic town centres. Decorative painting techniques can include plaster finishes, Marmorino, faux marble, graffiti and various surface decorations, fresco, tempera or oil.

Artistic stucco decorations

Artistic decorations can include frescoes and decorative frames that can create the visual sensation of wood and marble, the ashlar effect, the stencil for Greek reproductions and ornamental motifs. Precious and refined ideas, ideal to enhance the beauty and aesthetic value of the environment, housing, professional offices and shops.